Why is NeuroVizr “The Change Maker”? ​

Why is NeuroVizr “The Change Maker”? Introduction:The big news 50 years ago was that you can enhance brain stability using light and sound – that is brain entrainment. Today’s big news is that you can enhance brain plasticity using light and sound – brain engagement.  1. The brain must have two functioning dynamics:a. Stabilityb. Plasticity […]

Science and the NeuroVizr™

Science and the NeuroVizr™ The NeuroVizr™ is a personal Wellness device and not a medical device. It is a wearable headset that integrates both light and sound signal stimulation. The light signaling is provided by uniquely configured LEDs and experienced with eyes closed. The sound signaling is integrated into the light signaling and is delivered […]

NeuroVizr™ – What Makes It Unique

What Makes It Unique? INTRODUCTION Technologies evolve as discoveries are made. The evolution is often on a slow, smooth gradient; however, a tipping point sometimes occurs, resulting in a sudden leap. The NeuroVizr™ is such a leap. The modern lineage took birth in the late 1950s when William Burroughs used the book The Living Brain […]

Macro, Meso, Micro

Macro, Meso, Micro NeuroVizr™ HARDWARE The physical design of the LEDs maximizes the optometric requirements for a unique type of MACRO pattern stimulation of the central and autonomic nervous systems. When inspecting the NeuroVizr™ hardware headset, it is immediately obvious that the LEDs have a unique configuration and placement away from the eyes. The design […]

The Guardian Response

The Guardian Response Certain individuals may exhibit what is called a “guardian” response when having a NeuroVIZR Experience. This refers to the maintenance of one or more of the physiological responses at a high level of arousal while other responses decrease toward a deepening relaxation state or low arousal. Thus, the person maintains a full […]

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos Neuroplasticity – the fact that our brain is always capable of new adaptive learning is opening the doors of Total Brain Wellness and, for those involved in medical practices, rewriting the textbooks. Neuroplasticity is bridging together numerous ancient spiritual techniques, traditional folk practices and new break out methods in neuroscience. By category, […]

Returning to Memories

Returning to Memories Highly emotional experiences in the past are often remembered. As experiences they may have been Good, Bad or Ugly (just like a Clint Eastwood movie). Here’s the thing… What most people don’t know is that when they think about a highly charged emotional experience, the brain will fire in the exact sequences […]

Expanded Female Orgasm

Expanded Female Orgasm NOTE: This Short Introduction is essentially a compilation of extracts from two longer papers that develop the topic at greater length. NEURO VIZR & EXPANDED FEMALE ORGASM, Garnet Dupuis, THE BASIC MESSAGE: Women are naturally capable of a wide range of very positive sexual experiences that in contemporary Life Sciences are called […]

Your Brain Has A ‘Delete Button’ And Here’s How To Use It!

Your Brain Has A ‘Delete Button’ And Here’s How To Use It! There’s a saying in neuroscience: “neurons that fire together wire together.” This means the more you run a neuro-circuit in your brain, the stronger that circuit becomes. This is why, to quote another old saw, “practice makes perfect”. The more you practice piano, […]