Expanded Female Orgasm

NOTE: This Short Introduction is essentially a compilation of extracts from two longer papers that develop the topic at greater length.



Women are naturally capable of a wide range of very positive sexual experiences that in contemporary Life Sciences are called the Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) and/or the Expanded Orgasm (EO).

It is highly probable that the NeuroVIZR Experience may be able to support and enable women to attain ESR/EO experiences because of a shared physiological response dynamic here known as Cross-Reference and Cross-Reinforcement (CR/CR).


Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) is a recently defined phenomenon. 

It is defined as “being able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained orgasms and/or status orgasmus that lasted longer and more intense than the classical orgasm patterns in the literature”. (Altered States of Consciousness Occurring During Expanded Sexual Response in Human Female; Sayin, H.U., NeuroQuantology; Dec. 2011; Vol 9, Issue 4).

A list of possible subjective experiences includes: de-personalization or disappearance of “self”, out of body experiences, flying, ecstasy, rapture, explosion feeling, quivering, earthquake feeling, flooding, absorbing, spurting, blessedness, shuddering, intense love, unreal, and surreal to name just a few. 

Furthermore, there are also common reports of VIZR Vision-like experiences such as: seeing light flashes, color flashes, geometric shapes, figures, unearthly colors and multi-dimensional planes. (Ibid, Sayin).


Past scientific research regarding the female orgasm using fMRI, MR and PET technologies focused on methods specifically involving just clitoral stimulation. 

The first attempts to broaden this restricted approach occurred in the 1980’s with theory of the “blended orgasm” that recognized the more complex mechanisms involved in the range of female orgasm experiences. 

Current theories recognize variations in orgasms with multiple mechanisms: pudendal nerve, pelvic nerve, hypogastric nerve, and vagus nerve pathways along with two oxytocin neurotransmitter pathways. 

A somewhat combined mechanistic theory explaining ESR/EO is that a number of these pathways combine in some unpredictable fashion engaging many brain areas and neurotransmitter systems to create a sustained “rollercoaster” orgasmic event that varies in qualities and extends over time.


It is well known that various psychedelic drugs can produce unusual and even extraordinary subjective experiences.

Remarkable changes in consciousness, mood, sensation and perception are typical as well as splendid visual displays of color, patterns and geometrics. Although not orgasmic in the strict sexual sense, personal psychedelic experiences, especially with LSD, psilocybin, mescaline and ayahuasca, can have descriptions that parallel if not duplicate numerous ones listed above in ESR/EO women.


In this article, we are especially interested in the visual displays and their associated states of consciousness

Considering that intense sexual sensations/orgasms, psychedelic substances and the Neuro VIZR all generate very similar, if not the same, subjective internal lights, colors and patterns, it is reasonable to consider the likelihood that different “agents” may trigger the same “actions”.

If the proposed agent/action conditions are valid then it is also reasonable to consider that these seemingly very different conditions are capable of cross-referencing themselves within the human in ways that are cross-reinforcing.


Cross-Reference and Cross-Reinforcement (CR/CR) is a concept that describes the possibilities of two processes entering into a complex set of interactions in which the two separate processes begin to interrelate and then further support and fortify each other in a complementary way resulting in the merging of the two into a new temporary unity.

CR/CR is the presumed principle underlying the Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) as well as the Expanded Orgasm (EO). 


The NeuroVIZR device generates unique eyes-closed light & sound experiences.  The premise is that these experiences produce a sensory based set of “exercises” or “enrichments” for the brain. 

The “exercised/enriched” brain is affected with both short term “state” changes as well as possible long term “trait” changes if the Neuro VIZR Experiences are repeated and, in some positive ways, reinforced.

Fundamentally, it is likely that many of the ESR/EO experiences and especially the internal visuals of lights, colors and patterns and the VIZR Vision experiences are expressions of the very same First Language that is innate in all living organisms on the planet. 

The same First Language expressions are well noted in the psychedelic experience.


In the broadest sense, we can categorize subjective human consciousness into two basic categories: Common Consciousness and Uncommon Altered States of Consciousness (ASC). 

For our purposes here, we shall define ASC as the unique conditions in subjective consciousness that combine numerous, varied moods, sensations and perceptions that provide the person with uncommon perspective of reality. 

The experiences involving Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) and Expanded Orgasm (EO) are generally accepted as being in the ASC category.

Interestingly, one of the elements involved in ESR/EO ASC experiences is the condition of “rhythm”.  Inducing an ASC with repetition, resonance, rhythm seems to help recruit various separate functions into joining a cooperative union of expression. 

This is certainly true of common orgasm and even more importantly in ESR/EO experiences.


The typical Neuro VIZR Experience is 11 minutes in duration. 

Each “experience” is a light/sound composition with a “theme” or “vector” that is intended to coax the brain into a certain “probability state”. 

For these special purposes, there would be a selection of “Neuro VIZR-EO” experiences to choose from. 

Each Neuro VIZR-EO experience would play a different but related role in the learning support processes.

The 11-minute Neuro VIZR Experience itself is very attractive and even entertaining. 

Immediately following the Light/Sound experience, the brain shifts into a “hyperplastic” state which means it is more sensitive and receptive than usual which is a good thing. 

It means you are more receptive to new learning. 

Think of it as the period of digestion that follows eating a meal.

Although there can be numerous variations in approach, it would seem most convenient for a woman to explore this type of new learning in privacy using self-pleasuring/masturbation combined with NeuroVIZR-EO Experiences.

Certain NeuroVIZR-EO Experiences could be used before self-pleasuring to stage and prep the brain/mind. 

Technically, in neuroplastic methodology, this is known as “brain priming”. 

Additionally (and remember, this is at the theoretical, although probable, stage), it may be possible to attempt aspects of self-pleasuring during a NeuroVIZR-EO Experience. 

Of course, the NeuroVIZR-EO Experience need not be used immediately or directly in relationship to self-pleasuring or even in a partnering experience. 

Simply incorporating the unique Neuro VIZR-EO Experiences into your lifestyle with some reasonable regularity as reinforcement may well have an impressive overall benefit towards the goal of ESR/EO.