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Our Story

It’s all about Change.

The Genesis of the NeuroVizr™

Garnet Dupuis, an exceptional inventor who has dedicated his entire life to teaching, healing, and developing methods and devices for Integrative and Complementary Wellness. Garnet began his early work with light, sound, and consciousness in 1970, during the early explorations of the Human Potential Movement, while he was still in university in Canada. 

Currently, Garnet serves as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Lucid Studios, Singapore, and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) Co-Founder of Lucid Tunes, a company in Thailand that has introduced a new line of Neuro Reality devices. NeuroVizr™ instruments are designed to stimulate, enhance, and support positive neuroplastic changes in the brain.

Garnet’s broad education includes college, university, and graduate trainings in Classical and Clinical Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, Radionics, Massage Therapy/Bodywork, Hydrotherapy, Remedial Exercise, Biofeedback, Psychology, and English Literature. Garnet views life as a spiritual journey of compassion and awakening. He currently resides in the mountain rainforest east of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. In addition to his work, Garnet devotes much of his personal time and effort to wild animal rescue and conservation. He also funds, constructs, and manages a Long-Life Gibbon Sanctuary for injured and orphaned gibbons (SE Asian apes).

Around 1930

The cranial electric discharges we now call brain waves were discovered. Not long after, it was recognized that external signals of different types could influence the brainwaves. Actually, the brainwaves could mimic the signals and the Frequency Following Response was identified. However, the phenomenon remained undeveloped mostly because of primitive equipment and low understandings of the brain. It wasn’t until the curiosity of the 1960’s that this area was resurrected as Brain Entrainment amidst romantic claims of “superlearning”, “instant yogis” and “profound healing” in the Human Potential Movement of that era.


Jumping forward 60 years, we find ourselves with a shocking reversal in medical positions regarding the adult brain. Contrary to years of mistaken medical dogma, we now know that the mature brain can still experience meaningful positive growth and change. More stunning than the Frequency Following Response of Brain Entrainment is the fact that Brain Engagement methods can actually stimulate and guide our brain into important and long-lasting changes.

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